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its been a few weeks

here we go with my oh so wonderful boring life :)

well go back in time

last monday i think it was, Sandy, My Mom and I went to Jessies..hung out untill jessie got home from school, we hung out at the Kohls all day, their porch is a special spot for us! lol Zack and Mike came by, he was being so nice that he said to make me happy he would bring my little baby dakota over..ange came over too, shes in love with dakota also, i love dakota to peices..they didnt leave untill late..and of course i stayed at jessies!

Tuesday- stayed at jessicas all day, her and i went to pick up Dakota to give Zack a break, she drives him crazy especially at night when she has to go pee! ahh! went to my house to show my mom, that didnt go to well..whatever bia! Bonomo and I went to Outback to visit Josh and the Crew. While Jess and Ange watched the pup, haha this is a funny story Bonomo and I went and drank at Zacks..yeah at like 4:30 in the morning we ended up leaving met Josh at Rotary Park...Sara blasting the music the cops came and asked how many beers we had..i say 1 or 2 she sys 4 or 5 when we actually had like 9 or 10! o well..we got away with it! lol went back to Jessicas, thank goddd!! she was up or we would of been screwed!

Wednesday- Bonomo Jess and I went to go watch the guys bowl, Gary Mike, Ty, and Zack...tyler gets a little pissed off when he dosent do good, scary! lol jp than we left and Jess Ange Dave Bonomo and Josh all drank at wasted...cryed yup good night! had to get that drama all out, im fine now :) oh yeah and me being the dumbass walked out with beer at 7-11 and the cop was parked nice to god was with me on that one too..he looked at the store than me and back at the store..i thought i was going to jail for sureee!

Thursday- Jess and I were so tired..oh yeah slept there again! haha but we slept all day...i was really down and out about a few mom, boys etc. so i just went home while jess and ange went on their double dates

friday- stayed home with my mom because i wasnt home for a few days, we drank and caught up on some stuff

Saturday- ohhh weeeee...went to jelsones, Natalie (her sis) and i started drinking at like 7 and i didnt stop untill like our last beer pong game..i dont know what time that was, 4 maybe? anyways i had a good time...i had a smile at the end of the night :)

Sunday- watched the emmys with my Mommy...hung around the house all day

yesterday- had my class for the 2nd time...we only had to meet twice, which was good, bought my books and im ready :) Bonomo came over, watched tv oh yeah i had to watch Laguna Beach by myself because someone is an asshole..i hate all men species..seriously! were not friends anymore so whatever..dont have youre best friend call me to see what im doing any night because youre the one who made the decision, not me, ASSHOLEEEE! fuckkk shittt cock done :)

Today- well Bonomo Ange Jess and I went to the High School..nice seeing all the teachers...especially Mr. Herbie..he loves my ass! than we went to im here on the computer because i had to do a little HW while sarie is sleeping...dont know what were doing yeah!

life is so good right living it up baby!!

oh yeah my credit card bill is coming..not a good sign! lol
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