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what a weekend

thursday- Bowmans house, fun, got drunk had a conversation with an old friend...that was nice, seen chelle, i missed was paulies bday we played tippie team were the winners..thank you very much!

friday- Bonomo and I went shopping ate at Coney, got ready at her house, courtney came over got a fifth of watermelon twist and a pint of jager yeah it all falls down hill from there! lol brett drove us to the concert which was really nice of him...concert was good...50 cent was awesome..eminems bare ass was :) good times ladys..

saturday- my mommy and i went to lyns grad party, wow best time i have had in so long, lyn youre to funny girl! i seen so many people i havent seen in a while..bre was my partner when i got upset...thanks babe! met a new hott guy..yay to me! papa roy..youre the man...i knew he was a 2nd dad for a good reason! rich and i didnt go to bed untill like 7 in the morning, lyn and i were like the only ones that didnt throw up..were champs! well theres so much more to say but my back is hurting...

im going to go wake up crystal :)
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