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The Inside Of Me [entries|friends|calendar]
Erika Caruso

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[12 Oct 2005|07:39pm]
im at saras right now...things have been going great...

went to trapt concert last saturday...

friday night..went to daves than stephanies...had a good time...fought with him...we got over it..fought with my mom on the phone...were over it...so yeah things are looking up :) my cousin spent friday night with me..which was really nice because i havent seen her in like 2 years so that made me happy!

i have been looking for jobs for the past couple weeks now...hopefully there will be luck! im hoping to work at the hotel...holiday inn express by my house..so well see they want me to call tomorrow...

sara and i are going to bowl today...kristi hasnt called back and jessie cant go...so when zack and mike get out of their league hopefully they will be in place for them because tonight is just the night to find out youre average...so well see :)!

love you all!
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[03 Oct 2005|02:43pm]
im at my cell phone place right now hanging out with my mommy..

the past week have been good!

this weekend...Ange Jess Bonomo and I drank at daves across the street, got wasted zach hurt and shawnie boy came by..my little shawn was wasted and it was so funny!

saturday went to sara lines for a bon fire...good times...there were a good amount of people there...i invited people from c town so that was nice seeing all the guys! good times..got wasted and thats about it!

last night....i was with my mom all day..watched movies and desperate housewives..one of my favorite shows :)

today...prob hang out with jess sara and ange..were always together...so yup :)

hoping on getting a job with jessie at the pizzeria...and than at the hotel "Holiday Inn" by my house...

oh yeah everyone who has 8 or more points on their record...they sent me a fee for $200 so that sucks...and if i get another ticket that would mean i have to pay the ticket fee, AND another fee which will be like $250, 300 dollars...bastards
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[27 Sep 2005|07:23pm]
[ mood | loved ]

im at Sara Bonomos right now....

Sunday...it was a really tough day, not only because of school, fighting with my mom, no job...but because it was 2 years ago that Charlie died...

School...yeah well i was so excited to start today..but money is hard right now and now i have to get a full time job to save up for a car before i can start school...i cryed and cryed but there is nothing i can do about it...the grants for school are in my moms name..so she canceled it! im going in January because my school is paid for anyways...so thank god for that...so ill just have to wait untill Jan..i should just be grateful that i can go...cant be selfish

yesterday...i was still at saras...her and I went to Outback..ate...met up some Outbackers at apollo lanes..and that bar..cant think of the name...we drank a fifth..had some jager shots..and beer..not a good combination...haha! anyways cant bowl when drunk worth shitttt! let me tell you! lol...Josh and Sara drove me to Zacks at like 2...so i can see him and dakota..were not fighting anymore so i can see my little baby Dakota...so i ended up leaving there around 4 30..josh sara and I went back to saras...yeah the night goes on from there...we just wont get into that! i love you sara :)

today...went and filled out applications..eat at coney and now were here :) hanging out with ange and jess most likely...so yeah

things will work out...im just praying...i cant be selfish because there is hurricanes going on and im thinking about myself and school...so things will look up!

love you all

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its been a few weeks [20 Sep 2005|03:58pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

here we go with my oh so wonderful boring life :)

well go back in time

last monday i think it was, Sandy, My Mom and I went to Jessies..hung out untill jessie got home from school, we hung out at the Kohls all day, their porch is a special spot for us! lol Zack and Mike came by, he was being so nice that he said to make me happy he would bring my little baby dakota over..ange came over too, shes in love with dakota also, i love dakota to peices..they didnt leave untill late..and of course i stayed at jessies!

Tuesday- stayed at jessicas all day, her and i went to pick up Dakota to give Zack a break, she drives him crazy especially at night when she has to go pee! ahh! went to my house to show my mom, that didnt go to well..whatever bia! Bonomo and I went to Outback to visit Josh and the Crew. While Jess and Ange watched the pup, haha this is a funny story Bonomo and I went and drank at Zacks..yeah at like 4:30 in the morning we ended up leaving met Josh at Rotary Park...Sara blasting the music the cops came and asked how many beers we had..i say 1 or 2 she sys 4 or 5 when we actually had like 9 or 10! o well..we got away with it! lol went back to Jessicas, thank goddd!! she was up or we would of been screwed!

Wednesday- Bonomo Jess and I went to go watch the guys bowl, Gary Mike, Ty, and Zack...tyler gets a little pissed off when he dosent do good, scary! lol jp than we left and Jess Ange Dave Bonomo and Josh all drank at jessies..got wasted...cryed yup good night! had to get that drama all out, im fine now :) oh yeah and me being the dumbass walked out with beer at 7-11 and the cop was parked nice to Sara...wow god was with me on that one too..he looked at the store than me and back at the store..i thought i was going to jail for sureee!

Thursday- Jess and I were so tired..oh yeah slept there again! haha but we slept all day...i was really down and out about a few things..my mom, boys etc. so i just went home while jess and ange went on their double dates

friday- stayed home with my mom because i wasnt home for a few days, we drank and caught up on some stuff

Saturday- ohhh weeeee...went to jelsones, Natalie (her sis) and i started drinking at like 7 and i didnt stop untill like our last beer pong game..i dont know what time that was, 4 maybe? anyways i had a good time...i had a smile at the end of the night :)

Sunday- watched the emmys with my Mommy...hung around the house all day

yesterday- had my class for the 2nd time...we only had to meet twice, which was good, bought my books and supplies...so im ready :) Bonomo came over, watched tv oh yeah i had to watch Laguna Beach by myself because someone is an asshole..i hate all men species..seriously! were not friends anymore so whatever..dont have youre best friend call me to see what im doing any night because youre the one who made the decision, not me, ASSHOLEEEE! fuckkk shittt cock balls...im done :)

Today- well Bonomo Ange Jess and I went to the High School..nice seeing all the teachers...especially Mr. Herbie..he loves my ass! than we went to Coney...now im here on the computer because i had to do a little HW while sarie is sleeping...dont know what were doing tonight...so yeah!

life is so good right now...im living it up baby!!

oh yeah my credit card bill is coming..not a good sign! lol

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[08 Sep 2005|02:54am]
[ mood | calm ]

over the weekend

thursday- jess ange and i hung out all day! than jess sara lines court and i went to bretts friends house..nice to see court i missed her ass :)

friday- it was heathers bday, so james, steph, heather, of course crystal, randy, alan, boofa, matty fresh, petrone, and kevin :) thanks for coming buddy! so i think that was all but it was nice to go to crystals apartment and drink! james and i had a black guy run off with 20 bucks, but whatever he probably needed it! lol

saturday- sara lines, jelsone, petrone, james, steph, alicia, petronie, steven, boofa and i all went to tims friend sammys going away party! nice night, got wasted yadda yadda nice seeing people i havent seen in a while hey dee my beautiful one thanks for going to the bathroom with me :)!

sunday- went to cedar point with some family..all i have to say is i was a brave girl..ive always wanted to go on the m force but never did..like due to rain etc. yah i almost peed pants but i did okay! lol we didnt get home untill like 1 but us girls passed out because we woke up at like 6 and were there till 11! good day!

monday my mom and i played sex in the city trivia game i beat my moms ass! than we had a drink together..talked about alot..and confessed some things it was pretty funny!

tuesday- heather bonomo and i went zacks, drank and talked with lil phil..who is the cutest kid ever! and gary! :) zackary got a lil puppy, her name is Dakota 6 weeks old! she is the most sweetest, cutest pup ever! im going to steal her from him..bonomo and i already told him not to look at our houses if she is missing!

wednesday (today)- my mom sandy (jessies mom) and i hung out at my house watched movies, our neighbor had her house broken into, its so sad that someone can honestly break into someones house and steal their belongings! whatever anyways, the cops came and fingerprinted everything, i think shes at my house spending the night at my house actually because shes scared now..good job assholes..you accomplished on ruining her life for a long time! than i went to jessies where kristi and andrea were at! kristi jessie zack mike b and i went to dennys becuz my fat kristi was hungry, i swear it amazes me on how she doesn't gain weight..whatever lol...were at kristis and im on her computer! :)

school starts the 26th which falls on a monday..im excited ;)

saturday is canada...for royal and heather going to be an exciting time i might add

well i love you all


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[29 Aug 2005|06:37pm]
justin is a hotttiee...not as hott as my paul walker but it works
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[29 Aug 2005|06:29pm]
[ mood | creative ]

its been a good couple of weeks

crystals party at her apartment...gooddd times girl!

hunter came home..partyed it up but he leave yesterday, yeah i cryed becuz i didnt see him leave, i hate myself for it becuz i wont see him for another 6 months...:( whatever..

gel-sone royal bone jim landis larsen and i went to state for the weekend...
we brought up the keg, jess and i, all i have to say is were crazy in the bathroom haha! went to the frat party, met alot of new really nice people! stark and tesch were there to which made me really happy!

saturday jessie royal danny and i ran errands got his books for school, got the juice, made jungle juice..went to a kegger...yeah enough said

sunday- happy bday jessie i hope it was great baby!! royal joe winarski and i drove home together, dan
and jess went together becuz he spent the day with her for her bday! cuties, they are a good couple when they dont drink, lol jppp

but im at my cell phone place and im about to leave...my life is great at the moment

cell phone is back on so call meee :)

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what a weekend [14 Aug 2005|10:36pm]
[ mood | bored ]

thursday- Bowmans house, fun, got drunk had a conversation with an old friend...that was nice, seen chelle, i missed her..it was paulies bday also...so we played tippie cup...my team were the winners..thank you very much!

friday- Bonomo and I went shopping ate at Coney, got ready at her house, courtney came over got a fifth of watermelon twist and a pint of jager yeah it all falls down hill from there! lol brett drove us to the concert which was really nice of him...concert was good...50 cent was awesome..eminems bare ass was nice..lol :) good times ladys..

saturday- my mommy and i went to lyns grad party, wow best time i have had in so long, lyn youre to funny girl! i seen so many people i havent seen in a while..bre was my partner when i got upset...thanks babe! met a new hott guy..yay to me! papa roy..youre the man...i knew he was a 2nd dad for a good reason! rich and i didnt go to bed untill like 7 in the morning, lyn and i were like the only ones that didnt throw up..were champs! well theres so much more to say but my back is hurting...

im going to go wake up crystal :)

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well hey there you little monkeys [11 Aug 2005|08:56pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

im at crystals yet again

well crystal and i are waiting for her cookies to bake...than were going to tim bowmans...my future hubby might i add..lol than were going to jeff petrone and james hotel party, kind of a going away thing because my best friend in the whole world is going to oklahoma...yeah whos going to cry for like months straight? meeee yeah anyways..

concert is tomorrooooowwwwww holy fuckkkk cant wait..

im going for radiology now so im excited to start at Baker...:)

love you all im going to get wasteddd

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[09 Aug 2005|09:46pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

things have been going greattt!!

i came home on Saturday...cried, my little cousin was so upset it broke my heart and my aunt dawn also said she is going to miss me so yah know!

Jelsone and i went to Nippies grad party (tim m's) got drunk saw people we havent seen in a while so that was good!

Sunday was with jessica...went over Kristi's because shes housesitting...had fun seen my mateo so that made my day :)

Monday well we got new carpet so we had to do so much cleaning, putting things back in order..craziness, went over mattys for a bonfire hung out, than went back to kristis and spent the night

today..im at crystals..jelsone her and I went to Outback, went and got natalie and went to crys new apartment..im so sad shes moving in i cant handle it..anyways! now im back here waiting for her to get ready so bonomo jessie crys and i can go back to kristi's so yeah good times with all the ladys :)

i have an app. for Baker College so im going to go for Physical Therapy :) help out people

concert is friday..hell yeah


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its coming... [03 Aug 2005|02:20am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

well the weekend is coming up soon..i cant wait to come home..i loved it up here..met great people, guys, had alot of great memories..but i miss all my friends :):)!!

things worked out good up here even though i didnt get the job i wanted and made all the money to buy a car on my own..but hey when you have a mom and her rich BF say hey if youre good Erika you can come home and we will get you a car! who can pass that up?

well since last Saturday i have been a busy little lady!!

Sunday- went to this really cool waterpark, had dinner at aunt dee dee's , good times!

Monday- Leira went to her daddys..which is Eric..whom i love so much...he such a great person...the best dad i think i have ever met actually..he is my cousin leiras dad..because my uncle frank is an asshole and is pretty much like the rest of the 98% percent of the men but worse :) nice to talk about family..but i have no respect for fathers that just dont give a fuck when they have no reason...sounds familiar huh? sorry...anyways Kylie..his oldest daughter out of the 3 is such a sweet girl..shes 12 and is soo cool for her, shes going in the 7th grade..i miss that damnt!! so Eric Leira Kylie and I went bowling...i did pretty good 130..good for a girl who dosent play alot right? lol than we went to the DRIVE_INNNNNN!!! holy shit...its so cool to just sit on lawn chairs, see a double feature and bring youre own food...beer etc..awesome i should buy land if there is any near roseville..and build one..its so much fun!! we saw Rebound and Fantastic 4...good movies, you should all go!

Tuesday- Kylie Leira and i should hung out all the pool all day and spent the night at Erics again

Wednesday-the 3 of us went bowling..such fun, than my aunt dawn got off work early..so shes like hey were going out..so we went to maxis..a really cool bar where everyone from around here goes..met some really cool people..her and i got soo sick...oh geese we were so hammered..i mean who gets really close with the manager of a bar..and listens to her whole life...yeah my aunt and i..haha

Thursday-Jillian came home from her vacation with her mom..which is Kylies younger sister..and my cousin Leiras sister by well yeah..anyways..i took the girls to the pool..made dinner..played board games..im going to be such a good mommy..you all wait :)...it will be a long time no worrys haha

Friday- went to rochester for Jillians soccer practice..the girls played so well for a practice..they are going to florida..so cute for 9 years to be so good at soccer, i thought of my crystal mc :)! than the double features at the drive in were sky high..and the girls had to see it..it was such a cute movie..than we seen herbie fully loaded which leira and i saw..which was okay...we met up with Erics guy friend and his daugter..shannon ohh so adorable!

Saturday- BUICK OPEN BABBYYYYYY! my aunt and i went out to lunch, hung out at her work..while we waited for the detroit chopper guys..tony and joe finally arrived around 4 so we went to the buick open...make a long story short..my aunts cell phone went off when tiger woods was just about to tee off....funniest/ most embaressing thing that happened in golf history i love my aunt <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 than someone who was my aunt (didnt find out untill im drunk and she tells me when we get home) who farted when the 4 of us were walking back to the car..right away shes like ERIKA...like i did it..tony and joe were making fun of me sooo bad..i was so embarresed, finally tony realized that i was standing next to him and that i didnt do it..im like thank god it took like all day and night to figure out it wasnt me..so we get home and she tells me, we almost pee in our pants because were laughing so hard, joe and tony called us at like 3 (we left the bar at like 2) saying they need somewhere to crash...and she answers the phone..I FARTEDDD..joe was like you farted AGAIN???!!! sooo greattt!! i got a free shirt and hat..i will probably wear it to the concert so noone will mess with me..jp

Sunday- fuck it i said..im going by myself to the buick open if noone wants to go..so damnt thats what i did...we were all hanging out at the pool..and i was like wow i have 5 tickets and im sitting at a pool..so i went :) saw hott men...damnnnn! Aunt Dawn Leira Eddy and I went out to dinner..we havent seen hime since Chicago so that was good, talks aloottt damnn..but its all good!

yesterday morning i went to Me Me's and i cleaned with her alllll day and alll day today..papa bill her and i went out to dinner also..they are both so kind...im really happy that she met him..hes such a nice gentleman!

aunt dawn is in chicago..so i have to take leira to day camp in bfe..than go back to me me's and finish cleaning...so i have a long day, making good money so no complaints :)

i cant wait to see my mommy and friends

next week..auntie ann uncle dave my mom little dave and matthew are going to my nana and papas to hang out, my 2 cousins are in town so were all going to visit them, i miss my carlo and alexandra :)

concert is coming my bitches....cant wait :):)!!


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[24 Jul 2005|01:52am]
[ mood | cold ]

i was looking forward to working for verizon wireless..didnt get the job it was a really good one too! god knows where i belong though so wherever i need to be at..hell work it out for the best! but i have been working my ass off up here with cleaning, babysitting and looking for jobs..not working out and im getting fed the fuck up

my mom called me today..and was like i want you home, which i already knew that but it was nice for her to ask me and want me to come back, for the week that i was home we got along so good..i listened to the rules..and it just worked out so well

so if im good her and terry will buy me a car so i can go to school and get a job back home..home is where i need to be..it was a good getaway but i need to be home

the Buick Open is this coming week..so im going to pass out flyers for Grand Jewelers place...where my aunt works at..its a really nice too..so hopefully ill meet some hott rich man that takes the flyer from me and right away he wants to buy me a nice ring..haha wheww sorry..i went to lala land for a minute..WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING?! anyways back to reality..

i miss everyone..

i know theres more but i cant concentrate with my movie on :)

will anyone make my background pretty/girly/classy/not to busy!

much appreciated..i have no idea what im doing with this kind of stuff or i would..i would love you even more than i do now..whoever chooses to do this for me..if you do...lol


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[21 Jul 2005|12:34am]
[ mood | hot ]

wacky wednesdayyyyy

well im back at my aunts since..real late saturday..

my week back at home was a relief...i thought i couldnt take it anymore if i didnt come back home

my papa isnt doing good..so he was a big reason i came back to stay..im praying..but i dont know what is going to happen. My Uncle Jerry that lives in Vegas came to stay for the week...which isnt a good sign that my papa is doing good..because he never comes back to MI for anything, i love him so much, besides Charlie i have never had to deal with this, much less someone that i have known my whole life, i dont know what to do. Sara, Saras Mom and I were talking about it..Magge and her Mom are best friends..just like my Mom and her Dad..so they are both in the same position..they both dont know what they are going to do when it happens :(

anyways ill try to remember what i did..hung out with my mommy alot..i remember that :)

came home, Sara my lova picked me up, went to Jessies for a lil bit than alot of us went to Crystals, i missed my 2nd home, hung out and stuff, good times

we all drank at Crystals another night, than Heather Bonomo and I went to Zacks, LYN and SARAH came...ahh i was so excited! they make me happy! Sara takes forever with Josh so Zack and I have to wait for her..we dropped her off at a friends house @ like 8 in the freaking morning, than him and I went back to Crystals to sleep :/

hung over im sure..hung out with jessie ange dave and dawniel, stopped by allison and brittanys party..it was weird..dave found out about it..and than i was like OMG know this house..lol weird huh? good seeing them and JEFF P + MIKE SHOCK! cant get any better than that

Sunday- my Boo Petrone had to go to school Monday, so he had a bonfire so we could all hang out before he left..he comes home on the weekends..but its still not the same..he comes home crabby from wrestling all those hott sexy sweaty men..lmao I spent the night at Saras..because of course we had to continue our drinking :)

i dont remember the days..thats bad right?

metro beach..shawn s, randy and Crystal got tickets in the PARKING LOT! who does that? lol went to joeys to swim than mike McCarthy's, to swim again and bbq, good times..Crystal Randy Joey and I watched a scary movie..wrong turn! ah

Jess Ange Dave and I hung out all day and night..i ended up going home because i was so tired..so my mom and I went to the grocerie store at like 2 in the morning..i love us, were doing great...the distance makes the heart grow founder

Canada...oh mannn the best night i have had in a long time..Mic Kris James Bry Bonomo Court Sara Lines Joey Crystal Aub Paul Dave and I :) all went, even though Mic Kris and Bry didnt have their BC'S and James and I did..we had to go into customs..and talk to them..we def needed to drink after that..and oh i did...made a call..dont remember what i said..had the hic ups..threw up, ohh yeah attractive lmao

Happy Bday to Stephanie..one of my hoes..sorry i couldnt drink with you and stay longer lova, i had to come back up to GB..im sure you had fun though! :)

Crystal Randy Joey and I hung out at Randys...watched some of a movie..

to make a note to everyone:
Randy Bry Crystal and I went to see Wedding Crashers...funniest movie in life..if you dont go see it..you suck at life..i mean...:)

went to my nana and papas like 4 days out of the 7 i was home..so that was nice getting all the family together :) even if it wasnt for a good reason!

James my love Childers--ah well hes leaving for Oklahoma pretty soon and i cant bare to be without him...what am i going to do besides cry? :/

i also seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory today...good movie i must say, not as good as the old one..but hey you cant redo something so great right?

well i have an interview for Verizon Wireless @ 10 in the morning in Grand Mall by my aunties work..so this will be exciting...gotta go to bed..


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[06 Jul 2005|11:06pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Im so tired nowadays...i dont think i have slept in past 10:30, now if you know me well..than you know thats really early for me! whoever does..i have been getting up at 7 and stuff..can you remember the last time i got up at that time? lol

Chicago was the best time I have had in so long..you cant get any better than getting out of Michigan...

my cousin Leira did so good on her modeling..its just the natural look for ages 2-30 HOTT GUYSS!!! oh man you should of seen this model looking guys..all you girls would of died!

Aunt Dawn Leira and I spent the week doing her business for modeling..shopped..went to the taste of Chicago..GREAT food! yum also we went to Navy Pier...they have this really big ferris Wheel, yeah we had the luck of being up on top..seeing the first 10 minutes of the Chicago fireworks...so breathtaking..they kept stopping to let other people on, it was awesome! i thank my Aunt Dawn for letting my come with them and enjoy the expierance..

Sunday Night we stayed at this hotel in Kalamazoo for 2 nights..and we came home real early so my Aunt Dawn could go to work! my poor little cousin fell on her bike...scrapped in 3 different places..and chipped her tooth. I being the good cousin I am..took her to the Dentist...im nice i know! :)

im coming home for the weekend tomorrow...SOOO EXCITEDDD i miss everyone!

comment if you have something nice to say...assholes! no need to call names thanks goodbye! ;)

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home away from home [30 Jun 2005|07:41pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

ive been at my aunts for a week and 2 days now...its nice being up here..

but i do miss my friends like crazy :(


on a better note, My Aunt and I have been going through so much, cleaning, taking care of leira, with her working, me babysitting, going and turning in applications and going to interviews..oh yeah did i fail to mention we all thought we had strep throats..*dont know how to spell it* but we only had a bacterial thing that lasts a few days so were okay! but it could of been worse..i mean Leira cant be sick for her modeling this weekend!

but yeah since we have been doing so much work and no play..her and i went out last night..Leira was at her Dads house so we were set to go! whos fake ID worked at 3 different places..oh mine!! :)

its so weird because up here there isnt much to do..so when there is a bar in the middle of nowhere..its so obvious that everyone goes to it..well this one was popping off! and we met so many cool people..especially guys..we would introduce ourselves..and im like this is my Aunt..and they are like what the heck? because she looks so young and so HOTT! lol but yeah Barry..nice guy, hes our contractor and he took us out to eat and stuff before..good time

i talked to my mom today..we had a nice conversation..i must admit i miss her..shes wiring me money tomorrow for CHICAGOOO!!! im so excited!

i have a good amount of money here from babysitting and stuff..but i know with the stores there..and the taste of Chicago..plus going out and drinking..ill need more money, and Mommy Dearest just offered so i had to take upon that! gotta love her

jess ann i love you boo!

sorry that was out of nowhere..haha

well we get back from Chicago Tuesday so hopefully if i dont start working yet..ill come down and visit everyone on Wed..i hope that works out if not ill be sad! i miss my Sara B Crystal Kel Bel Jess Heather Steph etc. OHH! and my James Childers Randy and Petrone :( anyways Petrone is already going back to school in a couple days..so i hope he can come back maybe on Wednesday to see me!

I wonder how Lisa is doing on Outbacking and freedom Hilling Etc on life..update me on that tromb bomb..lol im so gay!

Comment if yah like! :) goodbye for now!

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[23 Jun 2005|10:37pm]
[ mood | Pistons Mood ]

well its half time of the beautiful game so ill write a quick update

Im in Grand Blanc at the moment...i will be here for a while, i have to get my life together and i cant do it in Roseville so...yeah

well i had a little going away thing...it was last minute so anyone who i didnt call, ill see yah soon :)

Crystals bday was last week, we had a good time for her...she deserves it..i love her so much, gosh life without her?

Jess Ann boo..all i have to say is thanks, muah

Bonomo youre my piece of pie..thank you for talking alot of stuff with me, IN THE END its you and I girl

im getting tan.yay

going to chicago for the 4th of July...yeah im going to miss alot living up here for this period of time but o well Chicago is a bonus

everyone be safe tonight..and the next few events coming up in the next couple weeks

so much to say and so little time

cant miss the game..so im going to go and drink my drink :)

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[25 May 2005|04:43am]
[ mood | tired ]

Wow I'm a loser who hasnt updated but thats okay..i have a ear/eye full for those who care :)

I'll start off with Courtneys bday (May 10th) Court Brett Ry and I went to breakfast, Stoney Creek, than i went off and played volleyball with alot of us at huron park while Court went out to eat with the Family, after that we had a good time at Ryans drinking

skipping a few days later

Thursday- Coaches, as well as my every Thursday. Pam Crystal and I went and had our own fun because were sweet hott ladys

Friday- CANADAAAA for Courtney, Sara B, Courtney and I went on our own early at like 3 and got our hotel room...started pretty really..had dinner..waited for everyone else to arrive, who was: Sara L Aub Shawn Paulie Victor Ryan Paul Collins Mike Mc Pachlaaaa his GF Kristin Simbo Zabel Dom i think that was it...sorry if i missed yah im bad at that! Everyone and I mean yes everyone including Shawn and Paulie, good times untill people are immature and have to start shit so i had to beat up a guy that messed with my Simbonator, ugly bastard, but im proud of myself i might add!

Saturday- what everyone has been waiting for, for so long...HOEdown! Jessie Bush Bonomo Pach Man and I went down there together to meet up with everyone, it was so nice seeing my little Juniors..i mean almost graduated Seniors..ahh! they are all so cute, so of course i got wasted in the beginning..Tony F and i wondered off and drank alot..because were sweettt! lol but yeah i stopped after a while little did i know i would have to drive, yeah of course i get pulled over on Lake Shore Drive..why not?! Erika has the worse luck ever...there was 7 of us to freaking make matters worse! My little Money Maker didnt have a ride..so she sat in front passed out..and of course she throws up when i get pulled over...the odds of that, so Ash Bush Bonomo Jess Bryan R and Matt K and I all had to get out of the car..checked our licenses and we were okay...i got 52/35 no proff of reg or insurance...because Bonomo is a FREAKKK! but whatever..i thank god nothing else happened to us.

Sunday- Crystal Mike B and I went out to eat at Logans..good food..yum, than Pamela and Tromb Bomb came with us to the hoedown, its so good singing and dancing with the people you love..Justin Pil shaking his ass..and simbo getting mad at this drunken chick that annoyed him..lol i love it, than we went to Coney Island...Crystal choked on food which is always even better..than her and I went back to her house for the night!

Monday- My Muma and I have been watching everybody loves raymond for i dont even know long but it came to an ending...and were sad..:( what the heck are we going to do on Mondays now?! lol jk

Tuesday- Crystal and I went to go visit Mic for the night...had such a nice time meeting new people..watching the game..and making a bet with Crys that she cant drink 9 beers, she did it im proud! Mic is doing quite fine up there, im happy for her but it cant get any better living with mostly all men..bitch! lol i love you

Wednesday- Crys and i came home, she had her date..and I think i stayed home with Muma

Thursday- Coaches yet again my dears, but we brought more friends, yes i have some friends..jp! Jess J Bonomo Bush Royal Kel Bel Danny Pamela Lisa Mike Bernard Ryan Josh had a nice time..untill the end of the night...crazyyy! the funny part is i guess i was peeing in front of Crystals car..Lisa took a pic of me while they drove off a little bit...i ate taco bell...went to 7 11 got a water, for Crystal skittles, also got my cell back from Jelsone...how she left the bar with my cell?! noone knows wow...and i dont remember it at all, Crystal had to remind me..thats a sad story right there! Spent the night at Crystals as usual!

Friday- Woke up feeling like freaking crap! Jessie J and I spent the whole day together, Roxanne and Tony were gone up north so we pregamed before Danny and Royal took their sweet ol time, went to Larsen's than went back to Jessies...they all played beer bong..but i was to tired for that! Im a baby i know

Saturday- My Muma and I went to air show, it was such a nice day out, i loved it! its just she has to talk to everyone in the world...so annoying..but thats okay she had fun so thats all that matters to me! After that, Jessie J Bush and I went to Max and Erma's where Bush works..nice restaurant with good food! Mike was working, Bush's new man...hes so nice i love him! We went back to Jessies..hung out with her sister Natalie while pregaming/ getting ready! My Michael Muscat came over, than Danny and Royal also stopped by before their friends grad party...so party at Sarahs was a good time Justin Steve Joey Brett Court Sara L Randy Lisa Shawn JAMES, my bb! if i forgot you i love you! but yeah we all hung out...and than brought the party to Jessies..got a little out of control cuz Jessie freaked out but thats okay..Bone Landis Danny and Royal came back which was nice of them! My love muffin Crystal and to work so she came late too! Dan and I spent the night again over her house so she didnt have to be alone..im a good friend i know this..BAM!

Sunday- Crystal and I went to her house to watch the season finale of Desperate Housewives and Greys Anatomys, good shows let me tell you! Tina (her Mom) had our usually talks..god forbid i look up to her..shes been through so much, shes the best woman ever...ops did i forget to say hottest..boys..shes married sorry! lol spent the night over there again..wahoooo

Yesterday Monday- 2 and a half men, CSI Miami season finales..say goodbye for the summer im so sad,i know im a dork but damn i love T.V! I Painted all both of my dressers and the attached mirror...it looks so nice, took a couple days but it was worth it! I'm so happy with myself, I was planning on staying home because I seriously am never home, but it was baby doll petrones bday so he had a bonfire, Court Brett Bonomo and I went to Ry's after that..Bonomo and I went back to her house and talked untill like 6, good times sister

Todayyyyy- Sara and I woke up and took care of some errands..got alot done..went home, got ready! JESS ANN who i didnt see for like a week but seemed foreverrrr Kristin and I hung out! Jess and I spent the whole day at Ryans...just hung out all night..Kristi Ange Bonomo Courtney all came to hang out with us and the guys...Justin taught me how to play Texas Holdem so watch out bitches..i might be good now lol j/k!

i love to type out what i did each day...it's so nice to look at in the future..brings back good memories!

Weather sucks...why cant it be so sunny and cheery out...rain and coldness suckssssssss! :( blah

well that was to much in one night..i should go to bed now with my lova Jessie...sorry i bored you all...please no unnecessary comments...dont waste youre time

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[30 Apr 2005|03:26pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

well lifes going okay

noones life is perfect right?

work is my life now..i worked last night and i was in a pissed off mood because we were dead as hell and i had to take my 20 page test...bastards!

so Jess and I just watched Raise youre voice...good movie..we cryed like babys lol

tuesday Jess Tony and I went to the male box, than GoldCoast..there is this guy Eric that works there and he came in my resturant and he was my little gay boy...i feel in love..he said he could get my in for 21 but than he took the day off when i went..i was mad..but i got to see some hott ass strippers..i love them dirty hott boys

wed, Crystal and I went to jessicas soccer game...shes so cute..she won than we watched movies with her family..we saw the old amityville horror..i cant wait to see the new version..than randy came over and we watched freaking BIRTH! gayest movie ever swear to god..dont even waste youre time watching it. much less paying for it..god

thursday Crystal and I went to this bar Coaches i got wasted, they dont even care if you are under age which is so sweet, Lindsay my old soulmate was there with her sister BF and sisters friend..i miss her so much i was so happy to see her! than this guy bought us rounds of drinks...so i got chad blair..and nicole maggio drinks...we were all wasted!! i met a nice cute guy from grosse pointe...he wasnt conceided either was a plus..ill have to give him a call! :)


today..work work work...tomorrow morning work work blah blah

aubs bday and carlos--monday

tuesday mommys bday- t.i.p.s class, hopefully taking my mom to skinnys because i can get in for 21 yayyy!

pay courtney back and crystal dangit lol

Bonomo Court and I are going to the Eminem Concert bitchesss :):)!

love you all

eat me

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[21 Apr 2005|02:57am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well today was my first day off..i work everyday which is okay, im just so tired and drained

today kristi jessie sandy and i spent the day together...than jess ann and i hung out with jen goike...it was really nice seeing her! shes doing really good in the navy im proud of her

life is good at the moment..

im going to canada tomorrow, for a guy friends birthday, lets see how this turns out..wish me luck..jp

love you all...i hope everyone that i dont talk to is doing well...

ladys and gentlemen..i hope youre prom goes well, youll have the time of youre life

:) all smiles

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[11 Apr 2005|08:53pm]
well well..life is greattt!

i have a new job now...at Beach Grill..so come and visit me..and i will be happy to serve you

my week wasnt to bad...wednesday i think we went to the bar..

thursday i dont remember..

friday Courtney Jessie and I went to Ryans and spent the night..got real drunk...note: never drink sick ass Jack Daniels..it will kill yah

Saturday..Jessie and I went to State to pick up Danielson and Pink...than she helped me get ready for work...my hair looked cute..:) after work...Kristie Jessica Crystal and I hung out...Crystal and i went to paulies, than i had people over my house

Sunday..Jessie Randy Crystal and I went down to Wayne at a bowling alley..had a nice time..than we went to Randys and watched Closer...good surprising movie...

today..ran around with ange and jessica...so yeah im going to go..noone wants to read my boring life..:)
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