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its coming...

well the weekend is coming up soon..i cant wait to come home..i loved it up here..met great people, guys, had alot of great memories..but i miss all my friends :):)!!

things worked out good up here even though i didnt get the job i wanted and made all the money to buy a car on my own..but hey when you have a mom and her rich BF say hey if youre good Erika you can come home and we will get you a car! who can pass that up?

well since last Saturday i have been a busy little lady!!

Sunday- went to this really cool waterpark, had dinner at aunt dee dee's , good times!

Monday- Leira went to her daddys..which is Eric..whom i love so much...he such a great person...the best dad i think i have ever met actually..he is my cousin leiras dad..because my uncle frank is an asshole and is pretty much like the rest of the 98% percent of the men but worse :) nice to talk about family..but i have no respect for fathers that just dont give a fuck when they have no reason...sounds familiar huh? sorry...anyways Kylie..his oldest daughter out of the 3 is such a sweet girl..shes 12 and is soo cool for her, shes going in the 7th grade..i miss that damnt!! so Eric Leira Kylie and I went bowling...i did pretty good 130..good for a girl who dosent play alot right? lol than we went to the DRIVE_INNNNNN!!! holy shit...its so cool to just sit on lawn chairs, see a double feature and bring youre own etc..awesome i should buy land if there is any near roseville..and build one..its so much fun!! we saw Rebound and Fantastic 4...good movies, you should all go!

Tuesday- Kylie Leira and i should hung out all the pool all day and spent the night at Erics again

Wednesday-the 3 of us went bowling..such fun, than my aunt dawn got off work shes like hey were going we went to maxis..a really cool bar where everyone from around here goes..met some really cool people..her and i got soo sick...oh geese we were so hammered..i mean who gets really close with the manager of a bar..and listens to her whole life...yeah my aunt and i..haha

Thursday-Jillian came home from her vacation with her mom..which is Kylies younger sister..and my cousin Leiras sister by well yeah..anyways..i took the girls to the pool..made dinner..played board going to be such a good all wait :) will be a long time no worrys haha

Friday- went to rochester for Jillians soccer practice..the girls played so well for a practice..they are going to cute for 9 years to be so good at soccer, i thought of my crystal mc :)! than the double features at the drive in were sky high..and the girls had to see was such a cute movie..than we seen herbie fully loaded which leira and i saw..which was okay...we met up with Erics guy friend and his daugter..shannon ohh so adorable!

Saturday- BUICK OPEN BABBYYYYYY! my aunt and i went out to lunch, hung out at her work..while we waited for the detroit chopper guys..tony and joe finally arrived around 4 so we went to the buick open...make a long story aunts cell phone went off when tiger woods was just about to tee off....funniest/ most embaressing thing that happened in golf history i love my aunt <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 than someone who was my aunt (didnt find out untill im drunk and she tells me when we get home) who farted when the 4 of us were walking back to the car..right away shes like i did it..tony and joe were making fun of me sooo bad..i was so embarresed, finally tony realized that i was standing next to him and that i didnt do like thank god it took like all day and night to figure out it wasnt we get home and she tells me, we almost pee in our pants because were laughing so hard, joe and tony called us at like 3 (we left the bar at like 2) saying they need somewhere to crash...and she answers the phone..I FARTEDDD..joe was like you farted AGAIN???!!! sooo greattt!! i got a free shirt and hat..i will probably wear it to the concert so noone will mess with

Sunday- fuck it i going by myself to the buick open if noone wants to damnt thats what i did...we were all hanging out at the pool..and i was like wow i have 5 tickets and im sitting at a i went :) saw hott men...damnnnn! Aunt Dawn Leira Eddy and I went out to dinner..we havent seen hime since Chicago so that was good, talks aloottt damnn..but its all good!

yesterday morning i went to Me Me's and i cleaned with her alllll day and alll day today..papa bill her and i went out to dinner also..they are both so really happy that she met him..hes such a nice gentleman!

aunt dawn is in i have to take leira to day camp in bfe..than go back to me me's and finish i have a long day, making good money so no complaints :)

i cant wait to see my mommy and friends

next week..auntie ann uncle dave my mom little dave and matthew are going to my nana and papas to hang out, my 2 cousins are in town so were all going to visit them, i miss my carlo and alexandra :)

concert is coming my bitches....cant wait :):)!!

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