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home away from home

ive been at my aunts for a week and 2 days now...its nice being up here..

but i do miss my friends like crazy :(


on a better note, My Aunt and I have been going through so much, cleaning, taking care of leira, with her working, me babysitting, going and turning in applications and going to interviews..oh yeah did i fail to mention we all thought we had strep throats..*dont know how to spell it* but we only had a bacterial thing that lasts a few days so were okay! but it could of been worse..i mean Leira cant be sick for her modeling this weekend!

but yeah since we have been doing so much work and no play..her and i went out last night..Leira was at her Dads house so we were set to go! whos fake ID worked at 3 different places..oh mine!! :)

its so weird because up here there isnt much to when there is a bar in the middle of nowhere..its so obvious that everyone goes to it..well this one was popping off! and we met so many cool people..especially guys..we would introduce ourselves..and im like this is my Aunt..and they are like what the heck? because she looks so young and so HOTT! lol but yeah Barry..nice guy, hes our contractor and he took us out to eat and stuff before..good time

i talked to my mom today..we had a nice conversation..i must admit i miss her..shes wiring me money tomorrow for CHICAGOOO!!! im so excited!

i have a good amount of money here from babysitting and stuff..but i know with the stores there..and the taste of going out and drinking..ill need more money, and Mommy Dearest just offered so i had to take upon that! gotta love her

jess ann i love you boo!

sorry that was out of nowhere..haha

well we get back from Chicago Tuesday so hopefully if i dont start working yet..ill come down and visit everyone on Wed..i hope that works out if not ill be sad! i miss my Sara B Crystal Kel Bel Jess Heather Steph etc. OHH! and my James Childers Randy and Petrone :( anyways Petrone is already going back to school in a couple i hope he can come back maybe on Wednesday to see me!

I wonder how Lisa is doing on Outbacking and freedom Hilling Etc on life..update me on that tromb im so gay!

Comment if yah like! :) goodbye for now!
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